May 2022

Twisted paedophile kept ‘handbook guides’ on how to abuse children

A man who kept ‘handbooks’ on how to abuse children as well as thousands of distressing videos and images of children being sexually assaulted has been jailed.

Lewis Andrews, 26, was also caught with two paedophile manuals offering advice on how to abuse children and how not to get caught after police raided his South London home.

He was arrested in November 2021 at his bedroom in Camberwell, where officers also found a variety of Class A drugs.

At his sentencing hearing at Inner London Crown Court, prosecutor Peter Lancaster said: “When they were searching the premises they were looking for indecent images of kids as they’d been alerted to the downloading of images at that address.

When they were at the address they recovered a small quantity of MDMA, amphetamines, cocaine and crystal meth which the defendant pleaded guilty to at the magistrates court.”

A “handbook guide” was recovered which had been written for paedophiles, as well as various devices including a Sony laptop.

Upon forensic examination, it was found that it was linked to a New Zealand based platform called Megasync, which allows users to “store files, collate them and share them with other users via a link to a shared folder”.

He was found to be in possession of thousands of Category A, B and C still images and videos of child sexual abuse images/movies.

Mr Lancaster said: “When the computer’s workings were examined, it was quite clear that he had been chatting with others in relation to matters of paedophilia. It is quite clear that this particular type of defendant was very much involved and interested in paedophilia.”

In one conversation he had expressed a preference for the abuse of children under the age of three, and his collection of “disgusting” videos showed children clearly in distress.

He was arrested and charged, making no comment in his police interviews and pleading guilty to all charges.

Sentencing him to 13 months in prison, Judge Michael Wood QC said: “The images that you were distributing or engaging with are revolting, it’s a weak word to describe them.

They are absolutely disgusting, involving extremely young children, some being babies. You express during your chats that your preference is for very young children, under the age of 3.

“They don’t just depict naked children or semi naked children, they feature males abusing orally, vaginally, and anally these extremely young children and I would bear in mind the aggravating features which seem to be these; the age and vulnerability of the children, discernible pain and distress being visible, the high volume of images.

“There were vast numbers of still and moving images in their thousands, you had them in your possession for a considerable amount of time. And you were involved in a network in which you and others like yourself discussed your mutual interest in sexual abuse of very young children. There are obviously a very large number of victims.”