May 2022

Sheffield paedophile sent customised rude image of Homer Simpson to bogus online child profile

A judge has warned an online pervert who was trapped by a paedophile hunter group if he re-offends he will go to prison.

Sheffield Crown Court heard on May 25 how Kieran Hudson, aged 32, of Motehall Road, near Castlebeck, Sheffield, engaged in online sexual conversations with a contact set up by a paedophile hunter group called Innocent Voices purporting to be a 12-year-old girl.

Andrew Bailey, prosecuting, said: “They are a group that tries to stop online predators grooming youngsters under 16 years old.”

Mr Bailey said Hudson contacted the decoy 12-year-old profile,telling her she was pretty, requesting pictures, and sending kisses and sexual images.

Hudson sent a picture of his genitals and a picture of a naked woman with Homer Simpson’s face on the body, according to Mr Bailey.

Mr Bailey said the group alerted the police after they had detained Hudson at his home.

Hudson, who has previous convictions for dissimilar matters, pleaded guilty to attempting to communicate sexually with a child between September and December 2019.

Judge Rachael Harrison told Hudson: “There was a significant disparity in age. She said she was 12. You sent her naked images. I do not think that this contact was for anything other than your sexual gratification.”

She sentenced Hudson to a two-year community order with a related programme requirement and a rehabilitation requirement.

Hudson was also made subject to the Sex Offenders Register and to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for five years each to restrict and monitor his activities and movements.

Judge Harrison told Hudson if he breaches any of the orders or commits any further offences he will go to prison.

She said: “Be under no illusions. Breaches are reserved to me. If you and I meet again, may I suggest you bring a bag because you will be going straight to prison.

“There will not be another chance as far as I am concerned. If you come back the sentence will be nine months of custody.”