May 2022

Paedophile kept half hour movie of him molesting girl

A paedophile’s sick stash of child sex abuse videos included a half-hour film of him molesting a child.

Convicted sex offender Peter Wilson moved to Merseyside after being released from prison and going “missing”.

The 32-year-old was eventually tracked down to a hotel in Litherland.

Police discovered he had downloaded twisted files including a video of a baby being raped, which left a judge speechless when it was described in court. But a further movie showed Wilson himself sexually abusing a young girl – then turning to the camera to reveal his face.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Wilson was first jailed for two and a half years in September 2018 for attempting to incite children to engage in and watch sexual activity, plus downloading and distributing indecent images of children. He was released from prison in December 2019.

Within six months, Kent Police learned child sex abuse images had been uploaded to Skype via an IP address at his home in Sevenoaks.

Officers raided the house on June 10, 2020 and spoke to Wilson and his dad.

Wilson claimed he had been sent “links” by Pridefall, which Max Saffman, prosecuting, said was “a group that disrupts the LGBTQ community”.

Police seized Honor and Nokia mobile phones, with the former containing 140 illegal files, including 27 Category A indecent images – the most serious category – involving children as young as five being raped.

Wilson was recalled to prison on licence, before he was released again in March 2021. Mr Saffman said: “He went missing and Kent Police were unable to trace him.”

The pervert was arrested by Merseyside Police at a hotel in Linacre Road on December 21. Wilson had to keep police informed of his digital devices under a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

However, he only handed over one Alcatel mobile phone and didn’t mention a Nokia handset hidden under his pillow. He said: “I forgot that one was there.”

The Nokia revealed Wilson had shared 10 child sex abuse files, including rape images, with five accounts online, via Kik Messenger and Wickr Me. Over three months he had also downloaded 338 illegal files, including 48 Category A images.

Mr Saffman described one Category A video, which showed a baby girl aged six to 12 months being raped. The courtroom then fell silent.

After a pause, Judge Brian Cummings, QC, said: “A baby.” Mr Saffman said other descriptions were also “repulsive”.

Wilson admitted two counts of possessing and two counts of downloading indecent images in relation to the Kent investigation. He admitted breaching his SHPO and three counts of downloading, two counts of distributing and one count of possessing indecent images, plus one count of possessing a prohibited image, in respect of the Merseyside raid.

Judge Cummings said a summary of the videos recovered in Litherland also referred to a 32-minute Category A video, showing Wilson abusing a child. The court heard he was not charged with any offence in respect of the clip because it happened abroad and “outside this jurisdiction”.

The judge said Wilson would not be sentenced for the activity shown in that video. But he said it would be “madness” for him not to take it into account when considering whether Wilson was “dangerous”, as defined in law.

Judge Cummings said a description referred to Wilson facing the camera at the end of the clip. After a short adjournment, Mr Heckle said Wilson confirmed it was him.

Mr Heckle said: “Your honour is entitled to take that into account in your general views about dangerousness. It would not affect the custodial element [of the sentence], but it could affect the length of the extended licence, should your honour find him dangerous.”

Referring to the baby rape video, Judge Cummings said: “It is quite unspeakable.” He said: “The child could scarcely have been younger or more vulnerable.”

He told Wilson: “These offences of course involve serious harm being caused to defenceless children, even including babies as we’ve seen, for the gratification of people like you. You therefore form part of the market, without which this activity would not occur, or at any rate, not on the same industrial scale.”

Judge Cummings told Wilson a “very alarming feature” of the case was the video “showing a man sexually abusing a young child – and that man was you”. He said it reinforced the view he had already reached that Wilson was dangerous.

The judge jailed him for five years, with an extended eight years on licence. This means Wilson must serve at least two thirds of the sentence – three years and four months – behind bars, before he can ask for parole.

However, he will only be released at that stage if the Parole Board considers he is no longer a risk. He will then be on licence for whatever remains of the five years, plus the extended eight years.

If he offends again, he could be recalled to prison to serve all of that time in jail.