May 2022

Creepy perv told neighbour ‘send me nudes or I’ll burn your house down’

A woman who was terrorised by a pervert neighbour says he is still living in her street even after being prosecuted for stalking her.

Gary Braidwood posted a series of increasingly threatening notes to his victim, saying that if she didn’t send him nude photos, he would burn her house down.

The woman said she received the first note at the beginning of November 2021, but initially thought kids may have been responsible due to the “child-like” handwriting.

One of the creepy notes reads: “Send two nude photos to [his email address] one from the front and one back or I will burn your house down.”

At first, she said, the childish handwriting on the note made her think it was a schoolboy prank. Even so, she reported the offence to her local police station, but they didn’t take it seriously.

The woman said: “Over the next week I just got letter after letter through the door,” .

“They started mentioning my child, and saying if I cared about him I would send pictures. Another one just said ‘tick tock’ on it with the email address again.

“I decided to install a Ring doorbell to find out who was doing it. The videos are like something out of a horror film with the way he creeps up to the door. At this point I didn’t recognise him or know he was my neighbour.

On March 31 at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, Braidwood, 41, was sentenced to 24 weeks imprisonment suspended for 18 months after pleading guilty to an offence of stalking involving fear of violence.

He was also ordered to complete 30 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and was made the subject of a five-year restraining order not to contact the victim.

Despite this, the woman claims Braidwood is still living just a few doors down from her. She claims she’s been told by Derbyshire Police there is nothing they can do unless he commits another offence.

“After sentencing I asked where he was going to be living and witness care didn’t know,” she said. “I was terrified obviously because I could have just bumped into him. Then it turns out he was still living on my street a few houses away from me.”

In 2019, he avoided a prison sentence after he took photographs up a woman’s skirt and then followed her whilst recording her, as she shopped in Tesco

July 2019

Tesco peeping tom took photographs up a woman’s skirt and followed her as she shopped

A peeping tom took photographs up a woman’s skirt and followed her whilst she shopped in Tesco. 

Unemployed Gary Braidwood, aged 39, lay on the floor at a Tesco store in Glossop, Derbyshire and took ‘upskirting’ photographs of the young woman before proceeding to follow her around the shop and take video recordings of her. 

The incident took place at around 3pm on September 5, 2018 but Braidwood was not arrested until October 1.

Details emerged at Stockport Magistrates’ Court where Braidwood from Glossop, Derbyshire pleaded guilty to an act of outraging public decency and carrying out the upskirting offence. 

The offence of upskirting became a criminal offence on April 12 this year, and is punishable by up to two years in prison. 

Opening the case, Prosecutor David Morgan said: “At 3pm the defendant has gone to a Tesco’s store and laid down close to a female and taken a photo, then followed this same female. 

Braidwood was ordered to complete an accredited sex offenders program, 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days as well as 150 days of unpaid work