May 2022

‘Dangerous and horrific’ paedophile found with more than 2,000 images

A “dangerous and horrific” paedophile who had more than 2,000 indecent images on a secret mobile phone told probation officers he is “driven” by his desire for young children.

David Martin Nappin, 38, formerly of Preston was in breach of his sexual harm prevention order when an unregistered phone was found in his hostel room.

It contained contain 2,209 indecent images, including more than 800 Category A images of children – the most serious kind – and also images of beastiality – humans engaged in sexual acts with animals.

Prosecuting the case at Preston Crown Court, Beth Pilling said Nappin – who appeared in court via a video link from HMP Liverpool – had been released from prison into a hostel in Blackburn in July 2020.

He was subject to a number of conditions of release, including having to declare his mobile phone, due to the sexual harm prevention order.

Ms Pilling said: “There is a risk to the public of contact that he wouldn’t be able to refrain himself from.”

Workers at the hostel became concerned in November 2020 after Nappin was drinking more than usual and looking “dishevelled”.

They searched his room and found a mobile phone which they did not know about and called the police on November 10.

Nappin contacted the manager of the hostel asking if he was going to be recalled, but the managed tried to play down the matter.

They asked Nappin whether there was anything on the phone, to which he replied: “Yeah, the stuff that got me in trouble last time.”

The search by officers found 2,209 indecent images including 802 category A, 491 category and 898 category C images of children.

The phone also contained another eight prohibited images of children and 10 images which portrayed an act of sexual activity between a person and animals.

Many of Nappin’s previous convictions include possession of indecent images but in 2018, he attempted to make contact and meet up with a girl he believed to be under 13, but she was in fact a police officer, for which he was jailed for two years.

Judge Guy Mathieson said he had read about some of the images Nappin had on the phone, describing them as containing “the most horrific abuse”.

Jailing him for two years and six months, Judge Mathieson said: “You are driven by sexual desire for young children, particularly young girls – you accept that those desires define you.

“I cannot even begin to understand anyone who finds sexual gratification in such images then wishes to act out in their own means in such matters.

“You pose a great risk and that will remain, I would imagine, as long as you live.”

Nappin, who previously pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent photographs, one of possessing indecent photographs and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image, will also be subject to an extended licence for seven years and will be placed under a sexual harm prevention order for life.

September 2018

Pervert caught by paedophile hunting team ‘Catching Online Predators’

David Nappin 34 of Preston, Lancashire, was sentenced at Preston Crown Court.

Nappin received 4 years imprisonment ( serving minimum of 3yrs ), and an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order which is only eligable for review after 15 years.

Nappin had two previously convictions totalling 23 separate accounts of having and the distribution of Indecent Images of Children from 2011 and 2014.

Nappin also broke his current SHPO’s by:-

* Not Informing he had moved addresses.

* Not Informing he was living with a female and her children.

* Not Informing of device(s) capable of accessing the internet.

Well done to all decoys and hunters in getting this dangerous individual back in Her Majesties Pleasure.

On his own admittance he told his probation officer that he would re-offend so the Judge passed an extended sentence where DAVID must complete the Horizon Project whist in custody.