May 2022

Food delivery driver kidnapped and raped girl, 17, then claimed to be a Good Samaritan

A fast food delivery driver who kidnapped and raped a teenage girl was today jailed for 15 years.

Sex predator Mohammed Khan of Upper Meadow in Chesham, Buckinghamshire was described by the judge as a “dangerous offender” who had subjected other females to predatory sexual abuse.

Luton Crown Court heard Khan, 37, had grabbed the 17-year-old girl from the street in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, on the night of August 28, last year.

She had been drinking with friends and had sat down on the pavement while waiting to be picked by her stepdad.

Prosecutor Peter Shaw said: “The defendant spotted her outside the Primark store.

“He got out of his car and bundled her into the passenger side of the vehicle.

“He drove her away from the scene and during the course of approximately an hour, subjected her to various rapes and sexual assaults.”

He abused her as he drove her away and then stopped the car and raped her, ignoring her pleas for him to stop.

During the ordeal the girl’s anxious mother was ringing her phone.

Khan then drove the traumatised victim back to Hemel Hempstead and told her she could get out of the car, leaving her to make her way back to the town centre where she was later collected by her family.

She bravely told them what had happened, and they called the police

Her stepfather spent an hour trying to find her and eventually picking her at about 11pm outside the Bathroom store in Hemel Hempstead, after Khan had let her go.

CCTV was used to trace a car to Khan’s home town in Chesham and Khan was asked to come into the police station.

He denied any sexual contact, but his DNA was found inside her jogging pants.

He claimed he had been acting as a Good Samaritan.

In a victim personal statement the teenager said she used to feel safe when she was out, but no longer does.

She spends more time at home because she is anxious about going out.

Khan had 21 previous convictions for 29 offences, none of which were sexual.

But Mr Shaw said on March 4, 2021 Khan had been given a Child Abduction Warning in relation to a 13-year-old girl he had contacted on Snapchat where he posed as a 19 year old.

When they met he touched her thigh.

On July 1, 2014, a 15 year old girl reported he had approached her on the way to school and was insistent of obtaining her phone number.

He approached her again on July 17 and the next day he approached another 15 year old saying: “Do you want to be my friend.

“Come on baby, you’re really cute.”

Mr Shaw said: “It is submitted that he has a record of approaching young girls, often when he is in his car.

“He lies about his age. He gives false names. The present case reveals he is an opportunistic sex offender who will prey on vulnerable girls or women.”

Judge Lynn Tayton QC told him he had “specifically targeted” the victim.

The judge sad: “She was a vulnerable young woman who was lying on a pavement. She had been drinking and as a result she was slipping in and out of consciousness.” She said the victim had suffered severed psychological harm.

The judge went on: “A significant number of females have alleged sexual and predatory behaviour by you. I take the view you are a highly dangerous man.”

Khan was convicted of the following counts:

  • Kidnap with intent to commit a sexual offence

  • Rape

  • Oral rape

  • Sexual assault by penetration

Khan was jailed for 15 years with an eight-year licence extension.

He must register as a sex offender and abide by the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order indefinitely.