May 2022

Worcester man had 1,468 ‘cartoon’ images of child sex abuse

A 20-year-old man has admitted getting sexual gratification from possessing 1,468 banned ‘cartoon’ images depicting children being sexually abused.

Frederick Cooper of Hoskyns Avenue, Warndon Villages, Worcester was found with the ‘pseudo’ images of children on a USB stick when police raided his home.

He admitted a single charge of possession of prohibited images of a child on September 24 last year when he appeared before magistrates in Worcester on Thursday.

Shivali Patel, prosecuting, said a warrant was executed by West Mercia Police at the defendant’s home address.

“Present at the address was the defendant’s father and the defendant’s mother,” said Mrs Patel.

During the investigation, two mobile phones were presented by the defendant and a search of his bedroom revealed two USB sticks.

A computer hard drive and a computer tower were seized.

The images of children described as ‘pseudo’ images – understood to be realistic ‘cartoon’ images rather than images of actual children – were found on a USB stick.

A brief description of the images of children was provided by the prosecutor which included an image of a child aged eight, a baby aged six to 10 months old wearing a collar which said ‘daddy’s princess’, further images of children aged six to eight years. The children were being abused.

Animals were said to be in some of the images.

Further details of the images are too graphic to print.

Cooper, who attended court with his father, was interviewed at Worcester Police Station on a voluntary basis.

“He stated his viewing preference was the child pseudo images and they were the images he would actively look for and download,” said Mrs Patel.

The images were stored on a password protected memory stick.

“He transferred images from the computer to a memory stick as it was easier to keep to keep from his family, friends and girlfriend,” said Mrs Patel.

Magistrates declined jurisdiction for the case. The case will next be heard at Worcester Crown Court on June 17.

In the meantime, Cooper was granted unconditional bail.

He was given the standard warning by the chairman of the bench who told him: “If you do not come back to court at that date and time, you may commit an offence for which you can be arrested, fined and sent to prison.”