May 2022

Tribunal finds that ex-Surrey paramedic texted child: ‘Perhaps I should get you lube for Christmas’

A tribunal has found that a former paramedic working for the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) had sexual contact with a child.

The panel announced on Friday (April 29) that it found “all allegations proven” in the case of Nicholas Tyrrell, who was based at Farnborough Ambulance Station serving the west of Surrey and north-east Hampshire until late 2016.

The allegations against Tyrrell included that he placed his hands on the genitals of a child, on top of the child’s trousers, and squeezed. He was also accused of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of the same child – known only as Child A – and of stealing laughing gas from his employer to supply to the child.

Tyrrell was also found by the tribunal to have exchanged thousands of messages with Child A, including several that were inappropriate or sexual in nature, between May 2016 and November 2016.

These included references to sex acts and porn, while one asked whether he should get a child a sex toy and lube for Christmas.

In other messages he was found to have referred to the child as his “pup” or “puppy”, with one reading: “You will start as my puppy and I will be your puppy walker.” In February the tribunal heard that Child A’s parent managed to download a total of 37,968 Facebook messages between the pair

Tyrrell had previously been charged with engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child (Child A), sexual assault and two counts of theft of items from SECAmb. 

He denied the charges and was found not guilty on all counts in a trial at Winchester Crown Court that concluded in May 2018.

The panel at the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS) will now reconvene at the end of October to consider whether Tyrrell’s actions constitute professional misconduct, and to consider any evidence regarding events since the time of the allegations that were will subsequently decide what sanctions, if any, will be taken against him.

A spokesperson for SECAmb said that the service took the matter extremely seriously and took appropriate action at the time of the initial accusations in 2016.

He added that Tyrell left their organisation while facing gross misconduct charges.

Some of the text messages and/or Facebook messages Tyrell sent to the child

i. ‘Night pup sleep well’ on or around 30 May 2016;

ii. ‘You will start as my puppy and I will be your puppy walker’ on or around 6 June 2016;

iii. ‘I’ll text you when I’m in the area and you can make a hoax call’ on or around 8 June 2016;

iv. ‘LOL your my little star and I love you for that you make me smile and laugh and brighten me up when it gets redacted’ on or around 29 June 2016;

v. ‘This is not for publication Ask an bloke if he can suck his own dick and the chances are he will say no. Occasionally you might find one who claims he can but you will never ever meet a guy who doesn’t know’ on or around 30 June 2016;

vi. ‘Night night pup sleep well and dream of me. LOL’ on or around 4 July2016;

vii. ‘You will always be my puppy’ on or around 10 July 2016;

viii. ‘You know [Child A] I love you your such a genuine guy’ on or around 23 July 2016;

ix. ‘You know I really I love you…but I still love you’ on or around 27 July 2016;

x. A picture of a naked man on or around 31 July 2016;

xi. A box with the words ‘Had a fight with an erection this morning Beat it single handed’ on or around 2 August 2016;

xii. A cartoon of a sexual nature on or around 2 August 2016;

xiii. Redacted;

xiv. ‘It might sound weird but I recon you could describe the taste of his lips…I could mine cool ripe soft peach’ on or around 9 August 2016;

xv. ‘God you look good in that tee shirt…You look stunning in it’ on or around 19 August 2016;

xvi. ‘If he asked u to suck feel or stroke would u’ on or around 23 August 2016;

xvii. In response to Child A saying he had seen pictures of naked men ‘Does it excite u’ on or around 23 August 2016;

xviii. ‘I do love u my little cub’ on or around 25 August 2016;

xix. ‘Pity it’s not a formal session because I normally teach with a body crayon and bare skin drawing great fun’ on or around 27 August 2016; 

xx. ‘I love you to bits but I scared that I am becoming too reliant on you because you are the only person I have been so open with and can talk to who understands without judgement’ on or around 1 October 2016;

xxi. ‘Bless you you can try it on with [Child B] and see if he likes men in uniform…Might as well spice it up. Striptease in uniform drive him crazy’ on or around 2 October 2016;

xxii. ‘Don’t’ forget to send me a pic of u…Get someone else to take it don’t want a mirror reflection pic need one to print off and keep to bring out at an appropriate moment’ on or around 2 October 2016;

xxiii. ‘Your so sweet I love your smile in fact everything about you my hero’ on or around 9 October 2016;

xxiv. ‘I’m watching red dwarf in my pjs on an my hand down the front’ on or around 28 October 2016;

xxv. ‘What do you do in the shower that makes it fun’ on or around 2 November 2016;

xxvi. ‘By the size of ur redacted I bet it came out quick’ on or around 10 November 2016;

xxvii. You have a perfect figure. Keep it. Well proportioned’ on or around 10 November 2016;

xxviii. ‘Your as old as the man you feel. I feel 15’ on or around 14 November 2016;

xxix. ‘Nothing on tv that interests you…Time for the porn then lol’ on or around 19 November 2016;

xxx. ‘Perhaps I should get you a dildo and lube for Christmas’ on or around 19 November 2016.



i. Two pictures of a car accident on or around 26 June 2016;

ii. On or around 31 July 2016 details of a call out you attended the previous day;

iii. In respect of a call you were attending on or around 3 August 2016 ‘Now I know where the term wrinklies come from urg’;

iv. On or around 3 August 2016, details of the call out you attended that day;

v. Photographs and the message ‘Scene of one of the jobs today’ on or around 5 August 2016;

vi. Photographs of a car accident on or around 8 August 2016;

vii. In respect of a call you were attending on or around 14 September 2016 ‘Sadly he only grazed elbows I was hoping he had broken his neck’;

viii. In respect of a call you were attending on or around 18 September 2016 ‘Another time waster assault my arse…had a fit and wanted attention. Alcoholic and fucking stank’.




i. ‘I reached down and he was naked with the most enormous erection’;

ii. ‘Good what about lube and condoms. Or are you bare back’;

iii. ‘I went bareback’;

iv. ‘Yes I love Child A to bits and I have so much respect and time for him’.