April 2022

Man pleads guilty to murdering 11-month-old 

A man has admitted murdering his then girlfriend’s 11-month-old son in Keady, County Armagh.

Sharyar Ali, 34, of Westenra Terrace in Monaghan, was due to go to trial on Wednesday for the 2019 murder of Hunter Patrick McGleenon.

Ali’s lawyer asked that the murder charge be put to the Pakistani national again, to which he responded “guilty”.

He had originally claimed Hunter had sustained head injuries by falling off a sofa.

The injuries sustained were catastrophic and multiple covering all parts of the babies body including head, ribcage and abdomen

Ali will receive an automatic life sentence.

Ali not only caused the fatal injuries that killed defenceless 11-month-old Hunter – he also left him in his car for two hours alone while he went gambling in a casino.

And he did it all while he had been trusted to care for the bubbly baby while Hunter’s mum sat at the bedside of her terminally ill grandmother, who passed away 24 hours before Ali first appeared in court charged with murder.

The beautiful baby boy would still be alive if authorities hadn’t let 34-year-old Ali slip through their fingers – as he shouldn’t even have been in the country.

We can reveal the Pakistani national was the subject of a UK deportation order as far back as 2015 – four full years before he took the life of Hunter

But sneaky Ali fled his base in Manchester and headed to Co Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland as far back as 2014, where, incredibly, he was also facing deportation procedures.

And it has emerged immigration officials believe Ali not only took part in a sham marriage in England so he could stay in the UK, but the crafty killer also got a ‘proxy’ to take a language test on his behalf to help fool the authorities.

None of the facts were heard in open court on Wednesday but a previous court had heard that Ali had been in a relationship with the baby’s mother Nicole for a year.

He looked after the baby while she visited her terminally-ill grandmother.

When he brought the boy back the next day, he said the child could not breathe and when the family ran to the car to check, the court heard, the baby was cold to touch.

A court was also previously told “at no time” did he seek medical help.

The horrific reality that in the 48 hours preceding his tragic death, beautiful little Hunter had sustained terrible injuries all over his body which are too graphic to repeat.

Ali admitted to murdering Hunter on 26 November 2019 and the prosecutor asked for a second charge of causing actual bodily harm on a date unknown between 24 and 27 November to be left on the books.

Ali will be sentenced for the murder of Hunter McGleenon in June.