November 2021

Smirking pervert exposed genitals in broad daylight to mum with young children

A smirking pervert who exposed his genitals to a mum with children and two other young girls in a remote Hull location was shocked to receive a custodial sentence at Hull Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Cristian Pascele, 20, appeared before the court for sentencing on two incidents which took place on a disused stretch of railway track near Marfleet Lane in January this year.

He had already pleaded guilty to two counts of exposure, which took place in broad daylight on the walking route in east Hull, at a court appearance in September.

The court heard that Pascele exposed his genitals in two separate incidents, one involving a mum with her child and a baby and the other involving two 11-year-old girls.

Pascele appeared shocked when he was handed an immediate custodial sentence at Hull Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The first of the two incidents took place at 2.12pm on January 4 this year when a young mum was walking along the stretch of disused track with her young child and a baby in a pram.

Prosecutor James Byatt said: “She saw a male on the track and was able to accurately describe his clothing.

“When she was a distance of around eight feet from him he pulled down his trousers and his underwear to his ankles and exposed his penis to her and her children.

“She said she felt angry and distressed at the time and tried to walk away but the male followed her until she saw another person further along the track at which time he stopped following her.

“The mum said that she felt sick knowing that someone could do that and found it distressing, she suffers from anxiety and this incident only made it worse.”

The second incident took place on the same day and in roughly the same location with two 11-year-old girls walking on the track at 2.30pm.

The pair hadn’t noticed the male on the track up ahead before they were already close. Mr Byatt said: “[One of the victims] said she did see the male expose himself and she described that his penis was erect.

“He was doing something with his hand but she couldn’t say for certain what he was doing.

“[The other young victim] said she saw the male showing his ‘private bits’ in her words, she said he was stood with his trousers and boxers at his ankles and was smirking at them.

“Again she said that the male followed them for a distance and she said he was acting like he was proud what he had done.”

In sentencing, Chair Gary Rowntree told Pascele: “These were among the most serious offences committed by yourself on January 4 this year with a number of aggravating features.

“The acts were in a remote location giving rise to a degree of vulnerability for the victims, the acts were in the presence of children and the victims were followed.

“In our opinion these offences are so serious that only an immediate custodial sentence would be appropriate.”

Pascele appeared shocked as two custody officers entered the room in preparation to take him to prison. He appeared agitated, running his hands through his hair and exclaiming in Romanian before he was handcuffed.

For two counts of exposure Pascele was sentenced to a total of 32 weeks in prison, he was ordered to pay costs of £120 and will remain on the sex offenders register for a period of seven years