September 2022

Sex offender pestered teenager in hotel health club


A sex offender working at a hotel in Exeter has admitted pestering a female in the health club Jacuzzi.

Naweed Nasery, 21, followed the teenager around the premises, bombarded her with WhatsApp messages and ignored her requests to stop, a court heard.

He was working as a porter at the Mercure Exeter at the time and subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which banned him from approaching lone females.

The woman, a 19-year-old, was using the health club and called police after a series of incidents.

Nasery, of Cowick Street, admitted breaching the terms of his SHPO and was remanded in custody until a sentencing hearing next month.

Magistrates were told Nasery’s work gave him use of the hotel’s facilities and the first incident happened when he approached the woman in the Jacuzzi and sat next to her.

He asked if she was single, her age and for her phone number. He told her he did not have any friends and would like to leave with her.

An hour later he texted her about meeting up. After sending more messages she told him to stop but he continued over the next few days. On May 17 she had 11 missed calls from him.

He carried on pestering her about being ‘friends’ when she returned to to health club. She managed to leave the hotel by a different exit and avoided going back to the gym.

She made it clear on a number of occasions that he should leave her alone and was making her feel uncomfortable.

She contacted police on May 21 after receiving more messages from him.

Nasery has a history of similar offending and his behaviour was the latest breach of his SHPO.

He had a previous conviction for sexually assaulting a schoolgirl and was jailed in February for hanging around Exeter City Centre and harassing females who were on their own.

He has been assessed as a high risk offender and his behaviour managed by the authorities.

The defendant was remanded in custody until October 4. He will be sentenced at Exeter Crown Court.

February 2022

McDonald’s worker stalked Exeter city centre looking for lone women to kiss

A sexual predator has been jailed for stalking Exeter city centre looking for lone females

McDonald’s worker Naweed Nasery, 20, was already banned from approaching women due to previous worrying behaviour.

He breached a Sexual Harm Prevention Order by asking a stranger walking alone on Fore Street in the early hours if she wanted to kiss him.

When she told him she was married he left, later saying that he was only being courteous. But CCTV showed him pestering another stranger just a few minutes later.

The defendant, who has a previous conviction for sexually assaulting a schoolgirl when he a teenager, has been jailed for a year at Exeter Crown Court and had his SHPO extended to 2027.

Due to the time he has already spent in custody the sentence will result in his imminent release.

Representatives from Devon Country Council, his mosque, and the police public protection unit were in court to hear the sentence and assure the judge Nasery will be monitored and helped to integrate and change his attitudes to woman on release.

Judge David Evans said: “This has got nothing whatsoever to do with supposed chivalry or cultural differences. No man, regardless of cultural background, needs to be told they shouldn’t be hanging around the streets at night waiting for lone females to pass by.

“But you were told by a court not to do that and you were told not to do that because you had been seen on many other occasions in the centre of Exeter doing that.

“That is why the order was made in the first place.”

Prosecutor Ms Felicity Payne said the offence happened on July 24, 2021.

At about 1.40am Nasery left his shift at McDonald’s in the High Street. About 20 minutes later a woman was walking home alone along Mary Arches Street and Fore Street after a night out with friends.

She recalled a male suddenly appearing next her near the Blue Banana. He came close and put his jacket over her head and face as if to protect her from the rain. He also placed his arm around her shoulder.

She recalled feeling afraid, said Ms Payne, but thought it better to be polite and hope he would go away. After continuing to walk with her he ‘turned to her and asked if she wanted to kiss him’.

The woman was very clear and said no, adding her husband and children knew where she was.

He let go and left.

The woman walked on but was concerned enough to call police.

At 3.27am CCTV identified a male matching Nasery’s description still out on the streets. He ran from police toward the quay but was arrested after a chase.

When CCTV was checked it showed that within two minutes of pestering the first woman Nasery was walking with another female ‘doing the same sort of thing’. That person has not be identified.

Ms Payne said the SHPO order banning his contact with woman was only put in place in December 2020.

Judge Evans said: “You were clearly just looking for a lone female to approach and kiss. You took advantage of her. You were still hanging around the streets and hour and a half later.”

Nasery displayed ‘very worrying attitudes to females’, said the judge and minimised the seriousness of his behaviour.

“It is clear to me that unless these attitudes change you pose a risk to women who are unknown to you and when there is no indication whatsoever of any interest in you.”

He said Nasery clearly poses a risk of reoffending and the extended SHPO was needed to protect women from his behaviour.