April 2022

Paedophile filmed himself abusing schoolgirl in Birkenhead Park

A “predatory paedophile” posed as a teen on Snapchat to lure a schoolgirl to a park and film himself having sex with her in bushes.

Marcus Ellison told his victim he was only 16-years-old and built her trust before grooming her and encouraging the 13-year-old to have sex with him in Birkenhead Park and the Pyramids Shopping Centre.

When she told the 31-year-old to stop contacting her he sent a video he had taken of them without her consent to school friends and it was later shared online.

A judge told Ellison he had “used and abused the girl” at his own will. Neil Bisarya, prosecuting, said Ellison used a Snapchat profile with the username ‘Cam’ and added the victim in 2019, lying about his age. They then chatted in a friendly way for a number of months before Ellison suggested they meet.

He then met her outside a primary school before the two walked to Birkenhead Park.

Sitting on a bench, the pair then kissed before Ellison made the girl touch his penis before leading her into bushes to have sex with him.

Mr Bisarya said: “During the sexual intercourse [the victim] has turned around to see the defendant filming this activity with his mobile phone, she has told him to stop and he has thrown the phone on the floor.

The sexual intercourse stopped at this point. They fixed their clothing and the defendant walked to the train station whilst [the victim] returned home.”

Ellison encouraged the girl to meet him again the next day and they had sex in the park again.

A few days after that, Ellison made the girl have sex with him in disabled toilets in the Pyramids Shopping Centre. She then told him she wanted him not to contact her again.

Ellison then sent the video to others, meaning it found its way on to the internet. The girl said the incident had a devastating impact on her mental health and she was forced to leave her school.

The judge, Recorder Ian Unsworth QC, said Ellison had used deception to trick the girl and then subjected her to horrific abuse.

He said: “You lurked in the shadows on Snapchat. You concealed the fact that you were a predatory paedophile by posing as a 16 year old.”

Recorder Unsworth said Ellison’s sending of the video served to further humiliate and harm the girl after he had already inflicted awful abuse on her.

Recorder Unsworth told Ellison: “She was a child who you used and abused at your will.” Ellison, of Hatherley Close, was jailed for nine years, with a further three years on extended licence