April 2022

Charity worker raped women he held hostage in his flat

A charity worker is facing jail for raping two women in a Glasgow flat.

John Wood worked with some of the most vulnerable people in the country before he was finally brought to justice for the terrifying attacks.

Now one of his victims has spoken of her ordeal after he was convicted of rape at Glasgow High Court

She revealed the brute held her hostage and carried out the serious sex attack after she broke up with him while he was on holiday.

The 44-year-old said: “I caught him openly flirting with a girl he’d been with in the past via a Facebook chat so I decided to end the relationship.

“The night he returned from holiday was the first time he raped me.

“I was in complete shock and disbelief at what happened and Wood, at this time, was cold and dismissive towards me.

“The next time he raped me was a few days later when I returned to the flat for some things. He held me captive in the bedroom of his flat for what felt like forever, but was actually maybe 45 minutes to an hour.

“I tried to fight him off but he prevented me from escaping.

“I was absolutely broken and traumatised.”

Wood worked for a time with Scottish Association for Mental Health and homelessness charities Simon Community Scotland and Turning Point Scotland.

The woman later discovered he had also raped a 34-year-old. She said: “This had a massive impact on my mental health.

“I had already been struggling but continued to work full-time though I had dropped out of uni in my third year due to the impact of the trauma.

“I stupidly thought, as many victims of sexual violence do, that it was only me who had been assaulted.”

His other woman was also his girlfriend. He first raped her early in their relationship.

His first victim said: “He also raped her at some point during this initial period of meeting.

“She was manipulated and coerced in the relationship and after he initially raped her in Glasgow he raped her a further two times in England.

“One day, she looked on his phone and laptop and found umpteen messages from men and women, mostly men, with details of times they had met in hotels and in her home for sex.

“When she confronted him about this, the relationship ended. It was during this time he raped her for the last time.”

At the High Court last month, Wood was convicted of raping his first victim and attempting to rape her at a flat in Dowanhill.

He was convicted of raping his second victim at the same flat a month later and will be sentenced today.