April 2022

Man pleads guilty to teens murder

This is the face of a killer after the mugshot of convicted murderer Cody Ackland, 24, has been released by police.

Ackland pleaded guilty to murdering Plymouth teenager Bobbi-Anne McLeod, 18.

Ackland – who was a stranger to her – snatched her off the street after she left her house in Leigham at about 6pm on November 20 last year to head into Plymouth to meet boyfriend Louie Leach, 17.

He lured Bobbi-Anne, who was just 4’11’ tall, into his car then beat her repeatedly with a blunt instrument in the relentless attack.

After he killed the teenager he hid her in woodland in a desperate attempt to escape justice.

Bobbi-Anne’s disappearance prompted a huge search after her phone, bus ticket and headphones were found abandoned. Police were able to trace her phone but could not pinpoint where in the city she was.

But three days later, Ackland walked into a police station and told police what he had done and revealed he had hidden Bobbi-Anne’s body in a wooded area off a lane near the local beach.

Ackland was charged with murder and appeared in court today to plead guilty.

Ackland will now be sentenced on May 19, following the conclusion of a psychiatric report. He will be given a full life sentence with a minimum term yet to be set.

Close family members of the teenager, including her mother, father and brother, sat in the courtroom while friends watched proceedings on a video link from an adjacent court.

The teenager’s mother Donna McLeod was in tears throughout the brief hearing.

Mr Posner told the court the prosecution “would not be seeking a trial” on a count of kidnap following Ackland’s plea to murder.

He said he was awaiting further evidence from a neuropathologist’s report that he hoped to be able to serve on the court before the end of the month.

Once he had received it, he would be ready to set out a full sentencing note detailing the facts of the murder.

Ray Tully QC, for Ackland, said that he would be providing the court with a psychiatric report about the defendant ahead of the sentencing hearing.

Judge Robert Linford adjourned sentencing until May 19 and remanded the defendant, of Radcliffe Close, Southway, Plymouth into custody. The judge told him: “You have pleaded guilty to murder for which the sentence is fixed by law.

“I shall sentence you on May 19. The sentence will be a sentence of imprisonment for life. The only issue will be the minimum term which I must impose pursant to Schedule 21 of the Sentencing Act 2020.

“You will be remanded into custody until that date and you may go down.” The judge also thanked the public for the “commendable way you have once again behaved during proceedings”.