March 2022

Paedophile attempted to meet girl for sex at Central Station

A pervert pestered eight girls aged as young as 11 for naked pictures and even attempted to meet up with two for sex.

But, unbeknown to him, shop worker Jordan Hince was actually being ensnared in a paedophile hunter sting.

The 22-year-old, from Orford, was jailed for two-and-a-half years on Friday, March 25, for his seven-day campaign of online grooming.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the defendant was involved in lewd chats with the decoy Facebook profiles, who claimed to be aged between 11 and 14, over the space of a week in August last year.

He also sent a number of the accounts images in which he was exposing himself.

Hince, of Poplars Avenue, told them that they would ‘become really cool’ if they sent him indecent images – claiming that ‘all girls do it’.

The B&M shelf stacker urged a 12-year-old to ‘open her legs and send a picture of her fu fu’ and pleaded with her not to tell anyone, adding that it would be a ‘secret’ between them.

He said that doing so would ‘make her the most popular’ and ‘queen of every school’.

Hince suggested to an 11-year-old that they ‘meet up and walk around town’ before going to her grandma’s house for sex.

The paedophile told her that ‘all she had to do was get naked and he would do the rest’ and that he would ‘help her learn’ before their meeting.

He also asked one 14-year-old if she would ‘be his secret girlfriend’, telling her: “I love you babe.”

Hince then made arrangements to meet up with her at Central Station so that they could have ‘secret sex’ and invited her to stay the night after asking ‘if he could undress her slowly and take pictures of her naked’.

But he was instead confronted by the paedophile hunters, who made a citizen’s arrest before calling the police.

The defendant – who has no previous convictions – confessed to officers that he ‘knew what he was doing but wasn’t a bad person’ and ‘admitted that he was turned on’.

Hince admitted eight counts of attempting to engage in sexual activity with a child, four of attempting to cause a child to look at sexual activity and two charges of attempting to meet a child after grooming during an earlier hearing.

Hince – who was supported in the public gallery by his mum and granddad – was imprisoned and handed an indefinite sexual harm prevention order, as well as being told to pay a victim surcharge.

Sentencing, judge David Hale said: “Over the period of about a week last summer, you engaged in contact with a number of Facebook profiles purporting to be girls aged 11 to 14 years old.

“You did that quite deliberately.

“As it turned out, none of them were real children but you weren’t to know that. You rapidly moved the conversations towards sexual matters.

“Worryingly, two of them you expressed an interest in meeting.

“In relation to the 14-year-old, arrangements were made and you went to see her hoping to have sex with her.

“Fortunately, they were paedophile hunters who behaved very respectfully. You were arrested and nothing in the event happened, but you wanted it to.

“If you found a 14-year-old girl, you wanted to have sex with her.

“You have led a lonely and unhealthy life, only supported by your mother.

“The number of attempts you made to contact children and the fact that you did eventually go and meet one and make plans for another make it impossible for me to release you today.”