March 2022

Craigavon man is jailed for nine years after conviction on sex abuse offences

A former Lurgan businessman has been jailed for nine years after he was found guilty on a litany of sex abuse charges.

Mohammed Anwar Hossain had pleaded not guilty to 18 charges of:

  • Indecent assault on a female

  • Two charges of attempted indecent assault on a female

  • One count of causing or inciting child prostitution

  • Two counts of gross indecency with or towards a child.

The 52-year old Craigavon man, whose address at the time of his conviction was Sandown Road, Belfast, was found guilty at Craigavon Crown Court of all the charges.

Hossain had contested the charges and, following his trial where he was found guilty, he was sentenced to nine years in prison.

He is to be added to the Sex Offenders Registration for an indefinite period.

He is also the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO), lasting 10 years, which bans him from residing or staying overnight at any address without the prior approval of his Designated Risk Manager.

Furthermore he is banned from having any access, association, contact or communication with females under 16 years unless approved by Designated Risk Manager and Social Services, save for everyday inadvertent and unavoidable contact.

He is also prohibited from undertaking any activity in paid, private, voluntary or charitable capacity which affords access to children or vunerable adults unless approved by his Designated Risk Manager.

He is banned too from contacting any of the victims, either directly or indirectly in person or through a third party.

Hossain is also disqualified from working with children, under the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (Northern Ireland) Order 2003.