March 2022

Child killer jailed for causing death of toddler

Child killer Brandon Heath has been jailed after causing the death of a 22-month-old girl and trying to blame it on her mum.

The 22-year-old, currently in HMP Altcourse, was convicted of manslaughter at Chester Crown Court last Thursday after the jury cleared him of the more serious charge of murder.

The youngster was taken to hospital on August 30, 2020, while in Heath’s care at a house in Northwich  and it was discovered she had suffered a ‘catastrophic’ brain injury.

With no real prospect of survival, her life support machines at Alder Hey Children Hospital were switched off the following day

And today (March 8) Heath returned to court for sentencing and remained emotionless as Mrs Justice Naomi Ellenbogen sent him down for 13 years and six months.

Addressing Heath, Mrs Justice Ellenbogen said: “Only you know exactly what happened in the 27 minutes from the mum’s departure and your call to the emergency service.

“The witnesses who gave evidence all described the child in a similar way – lively, funny, probably one of the happiest babies you could meet. 

“Photographs shown to the jury capture that personality.

“In her short life she brought a great deal of joy to her family and her friends.

“As was clear from the evidence, you are someone who has a history of losing your temper and lashing out when you are frustrated, sometimes in an instance.

“You did not dispute she had died from accidental causes – your case was that they had been inflicted not by you, but her mother before she left the house that morning.”

Miles Wilson, prosecuting, read out a victim impact statement from the child’s mum during the sentencing.

It said: “She had her whole life ahead of her, it breaks my heart I will not see her live her life. 

“It kills me everyday knowing I left my baby with someone I thought I could trust.

“I wake up thinking about her and each day I have to come to terms with what has happened all over again.”

Mrs Justice Ellenbogen said increasing the seriousness of the event was the child’s age and his efforts to blame her death on her mum.