March 2022

Southend man jailed for neglecting children

Two people convicted of neglecting and attacking four children have been sentenced

Ben Atthis and Lissa Field were arrested in March 2019 after the children disclosed the abuse they had been subjected to.

Thirty-two year-old Field, of Prospect Close, Southend admitted four counts of willfully ill-treating a child to cause unnecessary suffering in 2019.

But Atthis denied the charges and went to trial.

In court, the jury heard how the children’s ordeal included being verbally and mentally abused, hit, locked in rooms and made to collect drugs.

Atthis, 34, of no fixed address, Southend, was found guilty last month.

The pair appeared at Southend Crown Court where Atthis was sentenced to a total of four years in prison while Field was given a 22 month sentence suspended for two years.