February 2022

Teacher unmasked as a paedophile – over a decade after he walked free from court

A teacher has been convicted of child sexual abuse, over a decade since he was cleared of sexually touching three young children.

Neil Francis was found guilty of 19 counts of sexual assault and eight counts of indecent assault at Amersham Crown Court, in Buckinghamshire.

The 46-year-old, formerly of Conyers Road, East Cowton, sexually and indecently assaulted 11 female pupils while working as a teacher in Milton Keynes during the 2000s.

In June 2009, Francis walked free from Teesside Crown Court after a jury took just 45 minutes to unanimously acquit him of eight counts of sexual assault.

The defendant, then living in Ingleby Barwick, had been accused of touching three girls under 13 in a sexual way, stroking or rubbing their arms, legs, backs or hair.

However eight years after that verdict, fresh offences were reported to Thames Valley Police. Officers then charged Francis in February 2021

The jury also found Francis not guilty of one count of sexual assault and were discharged on two other counts of sexual assault, which will lie on file.