Sickening man from Darlington left child rape victim ‘considering’ suicide

A sex beast who carried out a campaign of horrendous abuse on a young girl has been locked up for 20 years.

James Vayro systematically abused the girl over a protracted period until his reign of terror was finally brought to an end when she bravely spoke out.

The 33-year-old bullied and threatened the youngster into performing a number of sickening sex attacks to satisfy his depraved urges.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the perverted assaults had a devastating impact on the young victim, leaving her feeling like ‘killing herself’ but was ‘looking forward to the future’ after he was finally brought to justice.

In a victim impact statement, she said: “He has left me bitter and scarred by the things that he did to me. I have grown up quickly and looking back, I can see angry, bitter and confused he made me feel.

“Due to the things he did to me, I found myself in a very dark place after his arrest and resulted in me cutting myself and hurting myself.

“The anxiety and panic attacks have gone but at times I considered killing myself.”

Andrew Espley, prosecuting, told the court that Vayro’s abuse had massively impacted on all of the victim’s family.

Vayro, of Orchard Way, Gainford, Darlington, was found guilty of a number of rapes and sexually assault following a trial.

Judge Timothy Stead sentenced Vayro to 20 years in custody – 19 years in prison with an additional year on extended licence for the abuse he carried out on the ‘brave and dignified’ victim over a number of years.

“The effect on the child has been significant,” he said. “She has been badly affected by this, as one would anticipate, and I fear she will continue to be badly affected.

“She spoke in her personal statement of ‘feeling at times of killing herself’, this is the sort of profound affect that offending of this sort has on people and it is most certainly applicable in this case.”

He added: “Having heard the evidence in the case, and it is never easy however many years one spends in these courts, to continue to hear such cases. I have to commend the brave and dignified way in which the victim and her mother gave their evidence.”