December 2021

Teacher sent paedophile boyfriend photos of pupils

A deputy headteacher sent photos of schoolchildren to her paedophile boyfriend to feed his “insatiable appetite”.

Julie Morris and David Morris then filmed themselves jointly raping a young girl in abuse a judge said was “almost beyond belief”.

The couple laughed about the abuse in vile WhatsApp messages and Julie Morris “giggled” on camera.

They were caught out after David Morris, 52, from Eccleston, St Helens, sent indecent photos to another paedophile online.

Julie Morris, 44, worked at St George’s Central Primary School in Tyldesley, Wigan, where she was the “safeguarding lead”.

Liverpool Crown Court heard none of the offences committed by the pair were related to her job.

But it emerged she sent non-indecent photos of pupils at the Church of England school to her boyfriend, at his request.

When interviewed by police, Julie Morris confessed but blamed David Morris for “instigating” the abuse and claimed she joined in “out of fear” he would share naked photos of her.

This suggestion was rubbished by prosecutors, who said “she was a willing party” and “equally to blame”, and by her co-accused, who said she was lying.

The court heard mechanic David Morris repeatedly talked to his girlfriend Julie Morris about his sick fantasies, including wanting to film children, who he saw as “eye candy”.

John Wyn Williams, prosecuting, said Julie Morris once sent him a photo of a group of children from her school in fancy dress.

David Morris replied: “Wow three possible one definitely”.

Another day he told her he’d seen “little gems” in outfits and she replied saying there would be “more” on a school trip she was going on.

He requested: “Pix”

In reply, the teacher sent him a picture of two children and a photo of a girl on her own, to which he replied: “More please.”

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, told her: “You were the safeguarding lead for the school, having received training in the important area of keeping children safe and protecting them from abuse, from for example paedophiles.”

He said the police investigation uncovered “almost unbelievably” 175,000 pages of messages the couple exchanged on WhatsApp.

Judge Menary said: “In each other you found some sort of soulmate – whether active or passive – with a shared interest in or willingness to engage in the most serious depraved and corrupting sexual abuse in relation to children.”

He said Julie Morris had abandoned the suggestion made in her police interview and pre-sentence report that she felt “compelled or coerced” into going along with the abuse “out of fear”.

Judge Menary said Julie Morris’ suggestion was she only participated “reluctantly” and that she made sure their victim wasn’t made to do anything she didn’t want to.

He said: “That last statement is breathtaking in its inappropriateness. The idea that somebody who was trained in and had responsibility for safeguarding children in some way could think it was okay and better to ensure that the victim wasn’t in some way forced.”

Judge Menary added: “The contemporaneous chat messages demonstrate clearly you were an enthusiastic participant.

“Whether you got your thrill out of the sexual activity itself, or out of supporting David Morris’ perverted fantasy world doesn’t matter.

“To your knowledge he had an insatiable appetite for sexual activity involving young children and you actively fed this interest.”

The judge said David Morris talked in messages about abusing their victim and Julie replied: “As long as I’m involved.”

He said they both spoke “in shockingly graphic terms” about their fantasy of raping the child.

Judge Menary said: “You Julie Morris encouraged this sort of conversation – sending adoring and supportive replies.”

He said she sent him photos of their victim for his sexual enjoyment and, “unbelievably”, photos of children at her school, despite him making “no secret” of why he wanted them.

David Morris, who was working as an area manager for a tyre fitting company, referred to wanting to film children in public, “seeing girls at Tesco”, and a four-year-old child who had “caught his eye”.

Judge Menary said Julie Morris, of Ancroft Drive, Hindley, told him it was “good” and “our naughty fun”.

He said: “You held a position within your school that would have led people to believe that you would never harm a child.”

The judge noted “the sharing of school photos” and “together you were at events when you were fantasising about young children”.

When their “sordid secret” came to light, the couple tried to avoid arrest, but were caught in a campervan on their way to the Lake District with £10,000.

Julie Morris admitted 18 sexual offences, including two counts of rape, while David Morris admitted 34 sexual offences, including seven counts of rape.

Judge Menary said they were both “dangerous” and the case demonstrated “human depravity really knows no depths”.

He told the pair: “You have lost your good names and your careers.”

Judge Menary jailed Julie Morris for 13 years and four months, and David Morris for 16 years, each with an extended four years on licence.