October 2021

Perverted Derbyshire doorman caught by paedo hunters

A Derbyshire doorman ‘has lost everything’ after twice being caught by online paedophile hunters.

Derby Crown Court heard how David Hall was caught sending explicit photos to someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl called Britney.

But a group turned up at his Chesterfield home to confront him an he was arrested.

Then, while under investigation for those set of offences, he carried out precisely the same thing to a girl called Tia he believed was 12.

However she too was really an online paedophile hunter called Totnes Justice who are based in Devon 

Now he is tasting custody for the first time at the age of 44.

He was SIA (security industry accredited) door registered but he will not be working ever again in that industry now.

Paul Prior, prosecuting, said the first offences took place during September 2018.

He said Hall, of King Street North, Whittington Moor, searched for teen chat sites and on one of them began talking online with Britney.

Mr Prior said very quickly he turned their conversations sexual saying she was cute and then sending her a picture of his private parts.

He said a team turned up at his home on September 24 of that year as did the police.

Mr Prior said in February of last year, the defendant entered online discussions with Tia who told him she was 12.

He said: “He told her he lived in Derbyshire and she said she lived in Bolton.

“He asked her if she could visit, asked if she had nice boobs and how big they were.

“He said he would slap her bottom if she was naughty.”

Mr Prior said that group then turned up to confront him along with the police, at around 8am on March 21.

Hall pleaded guilty to two counts of attempting to cause a child to watch a sexual act and two counts of attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child.

He has four previous convictions for 14 offences but nothing of a sexual nature.

Jailing him for 32 months, Recorder Martin Hurst said: “When you were first confronted you would have thought that would have shocked you out of your behaviour.

“But after being released under investigation you were at it again.

“You have brought substantial ruin on your personal life in terms of your partner, children and grandchildren.”