October 2021

Gillingham paedophile caught by undercover sting on Facebook

A sexual predator caught in a child sex sting after revealing his perverted desires once told police: “I am a sort of danger to women.”

Christopher Clark, 24, thought he was talking with a 13-year-old schoolgirl called Sophie via Facebook when he revealed he wished to be urinated on.

But Maidstone Crown Court heard that she was a “decoy”, a member of the public, who had set up a fake profile of a teenager and posted it on social network sites.

Clarke, of Railway Street, Gillingham contacted ‘Sophie’ – supposedly from Leeds – and started his vile chats shortly after being released from jail for sex offences.

He was out on licence at the time.

While police were investigating his activities he was recalled to prison for breaching his licence and when released weeks later promptly contacted ‘Sophie’ again and carried on speaking with her via the internet.

After being arrested he told police he had “sexual urges in his head” adding: “I am a sort of danger to women.”

Now Clarke, who admitted seven offences relating to trying to communicate with a child and requesting nude photographs, has been given a seven-year extended sentence.

He will have to serve two thirds of an immediate four-year jail term and then serve an extra three years on licence when he is released.

Judge Charles Gratwicke ruled that Clarke posed a danger to young girls, telling him: “Young girls are entitled to grow up without being sexualised and without having someone such as yourself preying on them.”

He said sentences should act as a deterrent to others from behaving in a similar way and ordered that Charles’ name stay on the Sex Offender’s Register indefinitely.