October 2021

Victim screams ‘you are an absolute monster’ as predatory paedophile led to the cells

The victim of a depraved paedophile who targeted young children screamed “you are an absolute monster” as the sex offender was led to the cells.

Trevor Ainslie, now 67, was described as treating his seven young victims as “playthings” as he was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court today.

After the sentence was passed, pent-up anger erupted among some of his victims in the public gallery of the courtroom who leapt to their feet.

One shouted: “You are an absolute monster. “I hope you f****** die, you f****** rat.”

During the hearing Judge Garrett Byrne, sentencing, said: “It was a very deliberate and carefully planned campaign of sexual abuse.

“Your crimes are truly shocking. I cannot recall a more serious case of its kind before this court.”

The court heard that the offences involved mostly young boys, aged between seven and 16, over a period of almost 30 years although one victim was female.

The judge said: “Your offending involved children of different families in different generations. Your behaviour was premeditated and it has caused incalculable harm to a great many people.”

The court heard Ainslie, of Berrylands Close, Moreton, wheedled his way into the lives of the victims’ parents through his involvement with a local church and social club.

After gaining their trust he groomed the innocent youngsters, attracting their interest with an air rifle, toys and his dog.

Judge Byrne ruled that Ainslie – who showed no emotion during the sentencing hearing and sat with his arms folded across his chest – is a dangerous offender who poses “a very high and ongoing risk of serious harm to children.”

Ainslie had been convicted of 38 sex offences against the six boys and one girl.

Judge Byrne said that many of the offences involved multiple incidents “which occurred at almost every occasion they had the misfortune to be at your house, caravan or tent”.

He said: “What is striking about this case is the sustained nature of your offending….It was a very deliberate, and carefully planned campaign of the sexual abuse of mostly young boys who were aged between seven – 16 over a period of almost 30 years, straddling four decades…

“Your behaviour was predatory. It has caused incalculable harm to a great many people.

“In the case of each family, you operated in more or less the same way.

“You would ingratiate yourself with the parents and build up trusted friendships with them. You used your involvement with the local church and church social club as part of that deception.

“Once you had built up a degree of trust with the parents, you then invited the children back to your home.

“You would tell the parents that you would feed them and look after them. You used various techniques to lure the children to your home. You invited them to walk your dog with them, you offered them sweets and food.

“You promised them trips away. One of the boys said that there was always an air of excitement at your house, and that they didn’t usually have trips away, so the offer of a holiday in your caravan seemed very enticing.

“You made sure to have certain items at your home address that would interest young boys – an air rifle, toy cars, a slide projector, videos.

“One such video was a sex education programme. There was some evidence that you showed them pornography. Your behaviour is what we now call grooming activity.

“Once the boys were under your influence, you plied them with alcohol to lower their defences and make them more vulnerable. You manipulated them into staying over at your house, saying that their parents would be asleep and that it would be a shame to wake them up.

“Whilst at your various addresses, in your caravan and in a tent, you satisfied your depraved desires by sexually abusing them in various ways. “

He said he had seriously sexually assaulted one of the boys on three separate occasions and “tried to secure his compliance by offering to buy him a bike.”

Judge Byrne told him, “Even if the boys remonstrated with you, saying that what you were doing was hurting them, you carried on regardless.

“It is clear to the court that you saw all of these children as your playthings, as mere objects, and not once did you stop to consider the impact that your offending was having upon them. You have not once shown any empathy for your victims, nor any regret for your actions. “

He said that despite overwhelming evidence he had put his victims through the trauma of having to give evidence.

“Even now, I note, you continue to deny what is plainly obvious, that you have a deviant attraction to pre-pubescent children.”

The judge concluded that the fact he had caused his victims “profound and long-lasting psychological harm was painfully obvious during the evidence.”

He added that his offending “has caused and continues to cause really serious, and in some cases, severe psychological harm” and described one victim as presenting “as a completely broken man.”

David Polglase, prosecuting, said that the defendant has convictions for benefit fraud and drink driving but none for sex offences.

The offences of which he was convicted involved various sexual acts involving the boys and asking a seven-year-old girl for a kiss.

Judge Byrne jailed Ainslie for 28 years with an extended three year licence, and told the defendant he will have to serve at least two thirds of the custodial term before he can apply for parole.

The pervert was ordered to sign on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and Judge Byrne also imposed an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order, a lifetime ban on working with children and a restraining order to keep away from his victims.