October 2021

Cleadon pervert with 16,000 child abuse images was caught red-handed at it again while on bail

A depraved pervert released on bail after being caught with thousands of revolting child abuse images was caught red-handed at it again when police went to check on him.

Kevin Turner had been caught with a large haul of sickening pictures and videos, including more than five thousand depicting the most serious forms of abuse.

But when officers went to his home to make sure he was abiding by conditions placed on him, they found a computer open in his kitchen which was playing pornography which they suspected related to children.

Further checks showed the former engineer had downloaded more vile videos.

Now the 58-year-old loner, of North Drive, Cleadon, South Tyneside, who lives with his elderly mother, has been jailed for 11 months at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard he claims he has no sexual interest in children and tried to play down his offending by saying the youngsters being abused were not from the UK.

Jailing him for 11 months, Judge Tim Gittins said: “What troubles me is the pre-sentence report, in which you say you have no particular sexual interest in children.

“That’s a common enough expression, even for those caught red-handed.

“You were at particular pains to point out there were no children from the UK involved. The truth is you have no way of knowing that but the suggestion that somehow lessens the seriousness of your sickening behaviour is wholly incorrect.

“Each view of such an image is a fresh abuse.”

Judge Gittins said the children are effectively abused in three ways – by the unwanted sexual act, its recording and the knowledge it is out there “for depraved individuals like you” to view.

Police first went to his home in June 2018 and found he had downloaded 16,736 indecent images – 5,845 of the most serious, category A, 8,059 category B and 2,832 category C, which are likely to have been downloaded from the mid 2000s.

Some of the children were as young as two months old and the oldest was 13 years.

Officers visited him again in August this year to check he was abiding by conditions.

Judge Gittins said: “It was at that stage when officers entered the kitchen they saw you had a computer open playing pornography which the officers thought related to children.

“When that device and a USB stick were further examined there were a further eight videos, some displaying the most serious category of images of children under 10.”

As well as the prison sentence, Turner, who admitted four offences of possessing indecent images, was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order and must register as a sex offender for ten years.

The judge said he reduced the sentence because of the effect on Turner’s elderly mother, who is in poor health and who he cares for.

Judge Gittins said the seriousness of the length of time of the offending, the fact he did it again on bail and the “public revulsion at such offending”, meant he had to go to custody.