October 2021

Woman discovered man trying to befriend children was convicted paedophile and rapist

A convicted paedophile attempted to ingratiate himself with children by asking them if they wanted to see his budgies.

Nathan Denning, 46, of Maesteg, Bridgend, was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) for a number of offences including having sexual intercourse with underage girls and rape of an adult woman.

He was legally prohibited from having contact with children whose parents were unaware of his convictions but Denning would introduce himself to children playing in public and even took his pet budgies around with him in a cage so they could look at them.

The sex offender’s past was discovered by one of the children’s mother who found an online article detailing his previous convictions and she called the police.

A sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court heard the woman’s daughter was approached by Denning who asked if she wanted to see his budgies but when she asked her mother permission she was refused.

The woman initially believed there was nothing sinister about the matter and thought the defendant was being friendly.

He was also seen approaching other children while in possession of the budgie cage and on another occasion he allowed another child to ride his bike.

After one of the children’s mother discovered the article on Facebook police attended Denning’s home on September 29 and he was arrested. In interview he admitted approaching the children between June and August.

The defendant later pleaded guilty to breaching a SHPO.

The court heard about Denning’s sexual offending which spanned from 1996 to 2016. In 1996 he was cautioned for having sexual intercourse with a girl under 16 and in 2000 he was sentenced to six months imprisonment for two offences of having intercourse with children under 16.

Later that year he appeared before the courts again for failing to comply with the notification requirement.

In 2014 Denning was sentenced to two years imprisonment after he met a girl aged 10 following sexual grooming and in 2016 he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for rape of an adult female.

As a result of that conviction he was made subject to a SHPO indefinitely.

Sentencing, Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said: “Your previous convictions show you to be a persistent and serious sex offender. You have committed offences against both adult women and children. Previous court orders and and sentences have not deterred you.”

The judge said there was no other reason for the defendant to speak to the children involved in the breach other than his “sexual interest in children.”

Denning was sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment

February 2016

Rapist showed a “total lack of empathy” towards victim

A rapist who showed a “total lack of empathy” to his victim by forcing her to give evidence in court has been jailed.

Nathan Denning, 40, was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday after he was convicted by jury of raping a woman in Porthcawl in May 2014.

The court heard that Denning had been enjoying a “celebratory drink” after finding out that his father was to be released from prison.

He asked his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, whether she wanted to have sex with him and she refused.

He then grabbed her hands and proceeded to rape her.

The incident was reported to police three months later after it came to light that Denning had been grooming a child for sexual activity over the internet, for which he was subsequently imprisoned for two years.

Denning maintained his innocence throughout forcing his victim had to give evidence in court.

Prosecutor Ruth Smith read out a victim impact statement from the woman at Denning’s sentencing.

It said: “Since the rape my nerves have been on edge. I have suffered from nightmares, depression and anxiety while waiting for the trial to take place.

“I am worried Nathan will try to find me out where I live and find me when he is released.

“I will never be able to forgive him for what he did to me and I never want to see him again.

“I never want to go through a court process again after Nathan made me give evidence.”

In his sentencing remarks, the judge Recorder Mark Powell QC said Denning had showed a lack of empathy to his victim.

He said: “You maintain your innocence. You have shown no remorse whatsoever and acknowledged that (your victim) could be afraid of you.

“You seem to have no empathy with no one but yourself. You have sexual entitlement beliefs underpinning your behaviour.

“I think you are a man who is unable to take no for an answer and your sexual boundaries are extremely blurred.

“When you want something sexually you take it whether it’s with or without consent.

“You’re previous convictions and your behaviour after you were charged with this offence seems to show a callous regard for other people.”

Denning, of Quay House Hostel, in The Strand, Swansea, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment, and was made subject of a restraining order.