July 2020

Hull dad used ‘carer’ role to abuse girlfriend he used to babysit

A controlling “carer” is behind bars for waging a campaign of daily abuse against his vulnerable girlfriend.

Shane Hare, of Kimmeridge Close, Hull, was arrested on February 10 after he confiscated his victim’s phone, punched her and told her: “I can hold you down and kill you right here and I’ll kill your son.”

The dad-of-two, 42, used to babysit his victim before the pair struck up a romance two and a half years ago. He then took on a role as her “carer”.

Over the course of their relationship, Hare subjected his partner to verbal and physical abuse, stopped her from contacting her family and seized her benefit money.

He appeared at Hull Crown Court on Monday, when he was jailed for an attack on his victim that took place after the pair ran away to Bridlington to start a new life.

Ishmial Uddin, prosecuting, said: “She [the victim] described the relationship from the outset as being horrible, verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis and he used to punch her, causing bruising to her body.

“He was controlling and she was scared of him. He stopped her from seeing members of the family, communication was restricted and he was often violent to her after family visits

“She was not allowed to have her mobile phone or contact friends without permission and she would be often locked in the house whilst the defendant went out.

“The defendant registered himself as the carer of the complainant and he used to receive all the financial benefits that she was entitled to.

“He refused to give her money and only gave her small amounts of £10 to £20 on a weekly basis.”

A domestic violence prevention order was put in place after an assault on January 30, with the victim moving into her dad’s house.

His daughter had become “allusive” after meeting Hare and would not visit her dad’s house, except when frightened and covered in bruises.

On February 3, Hare text his victim, asking her to not listen to her family and meet him so he could start a new life with her in Bridlington.

She met him as “she was in love with him and missed him terribly” and she agreed to go away with him to his auntie’s house.

Mr Uddin said: “They got on for the first few days but when the victim asked to contact her family on February 10, the defendant became angry and aggressive.

“He went in to the kitchen and told her ‘I can hold you down and kill you right here and I’ll kill your son’

“This lasted for an hour and then he complained he needed money to fix his car and got annoyed and went upstairs.

“She followed him up to the bedroom and the defendant asked her for her mobile phone as he said the police could trace it and called her an ‘idiot’ and a ‘slag’.

“[The auntie] came in and Hare became angry and broke the SIM card and she left the room.

“When [the victim] said she wanted to go home, Hare balled up his fists and punched her in the head, which caused swelling and a headache.”

Hare then left the home and the police were called.

The court heard Hare had a string of 33 convictions for 82 offences, dating back to 1990, which included indecent assault, burglary, assaulting police officers, harassment and battery.

Judge David Tremberg sentenced Shane to 21 months behind bars for the assault and breach of a suspended sentence order.

He put in place another five-year restraining order to prevent the defendant from contacting the victim again.

He said: “A serious aggravating feature in your case is history of domestic violence and intimidation.