Shawlands pervert told 14-year-old he wanted to make her a ‘real woman’

A wheelchair bound pervert who believed he was chatting to a 14 year-old girl online claimed he wanted to make her a “real woman”.

Aleem Azam was instead in contact with a police decoy out to snare the 49 year-old.

Azam had claimed he wanted to have sex with her insisting “everything still worked” in his body.

He was eventually snared with 18 indecent images of children.

Azam now faces jail after appearing today at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

He pleaded guilty to sending sexual communications to the decoy as well as having the indecent images.

Azam, of the city’s Shawlands, will be sentenced next month.

He was chatting to who he thought was a girl on Skype.

Prosecutor Claire Wallace said: “He identified as disabled and in a wheelchair.

“He stated everything still works in his body.

“He identified to the child he would like to have sex with her and then sent an image of a naked male “He stated that he couldn’t wait to…make her a real woman.”

Police later raided his home and discovered the devices with the child porn stored on them.

Sheriff Andrew Cubie continued bail meantime.