Stuart Wright – Newcastle

June 2020

This ‘outrageous’ pervert is behind bars after sexually assaulting woman

Pervert Stuart Wright has been jailed after he sexually assaulted a woman.

The victim immediately raised the alarm after being touched inappropriately by her 45-year-old abuser.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court  has heard the offence dated back to last year.

Now Wright – who has no previous convictions – has been jailed for 18 months. He has also been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years and barred from a range of activities involving children and vulnerable adults. 

Prosecutor Antonie Muller said: “He touched her inappropriately for two seconds or so.”

The defendant was later arrested and interviewed. Initially he said the touching had been accidental but went on to admit deliberately sexually touching her.

In her victim statement the woman said her life has changed dramatically since the incident. She described the defendant’s actions as ‘disgusting’ and ‘selfish’ and added that he had ‘turned her life upside down’. 

Wright, of Hyacinth Court, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

Hamish Noble, mitigating, said: “He acted in a way he regrets and a way that is out of character. He is disgusted with himself. He is sorry for what he has done.

“He has referred himself for help following this unpleasant incident.

“He would lose his accommodation and others would lose out if he were to be sent to custody.”

But Judge Paul Glenn said he had to send Wright to prison.

He said: “She must have been terrified. She described feeling sick.

“You have caused her huge problems. She is waiting for specialist counselling and has been left feeling insecure and with feelings of paranoia.

“You are said to feel disgusted by your actions. So you should. Your actions have had a profound effect on the victim.

“I cannot justify any other sentence other than immediate custody. Your behaviour was simply outrageous.”

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