May 2020

Pervert, 55, followed 15-year-old girl outside central station then stroked her hair and pulled her hand

A pervert who harassed a 15-year-old girl outside a train station was jailed today for 12 months.

Duncan Brown, 55, called the teenager over near Glasgow Central station last March.

She initially couldn’t understand him and walked away, but he approached her 10 minutes later.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Brown asked if the girl had a boyfriend and spoke about drinking alcohol.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “He attempted initially to touch her hand, pulled her hand towards him and shook her hand repeatedly.

“He touched and stroked her hair and this behaviour made her feel increasingly uncomfortable.”

The girl fled into a nearby chip shop before staff at the train station contacted the police.

Brown told police: “I never did nothing.”

The court heard Brown also admitted assaulting his estranged son Darren, 31, after bumping into him at a bus stop in the city’s Trongate in July.

The pair had an argument which led to Darren pushing his father away from him.

Brown told Darren that he was going to be “slashed” before repeatedly punching him on the head.

Darren managed to overpower Brown who was arrested.

The hearing was told Brown was also snared with a kitchen knife in a car park near St Enoch Centre in December last year.

He pleaded guilty today to acting in a threatening or abusive manner towards the girl as well as the assault on his son and possession of a knife.

Sheriff Joan Kerr told Brown that it was must have been a “frightening episode for a 15-year-old girl.”