Febuary 2009

A PAEDOPHILE who lured a young girl with ghost stories has been jailed for six years.

Norman Walker, from Stockton, tracked down his victim 30 years later and left a note saying that he wanted sex with her.

The woman finally contacted police and told them about her childhood storyteller, who admitted that he was still sexually attracted to children, said prosecutor David Lamb.

Walker, now 55 and in a wheelchair after losing a leg, pleaded guilty to sex offences against her when aged between five and 13.

Mr Lamb said that the offences began after the girl confided in Walker that she was being abused by another man who was giving her “special hugs and kisses”.

Walker won her confidence by telling her ghost stories, and he told her that there were other ways of showing love.

When she was 13 she disclosed it to a teacher at school and she realised that her trust had been betrayed, Teesside Crown Court was told.

Mr Lamb said that when she was in her 30s she went into a state of shock after Walker sent her a message saying that he had left a letter for her in her home.

Mr Lamb added: “She found it and she began to read it and she describes herself going into a state of shock.

“Everything that he had done to her as a child came smashing back into her memory, and she decided that she had lived with it long enough. She decided to pass the matter to the police.

“It was an extremely graphic and sexually explicit letter detailing what he would wish to do to her.”

Walker was arrested on March 10 last year and he admitted sexually abusing her, but he claimed it was a “one-off”.

He was asked: “Do you find children sexually attractive?” and he replied: “She was growing up, I suppose yes.”

Asked if he still found children sexually attractive he answered: “Yes, I suppose I do.”

Sean Grainger, defending, said that Walker had expressed regret and shame, and he acknowledged the full offending described by her.”

Judge Peter Armstrong said: “This offence had a profound effect on the complainant.”

The jobless labourer of Tilery Road, Stockton, was ordered to register as a sex offender for life after he pleaded guilty to 10 specimen indecent assaults and two offences of gross indecency. He was also banned for life from working with children.